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Mystery Kuala Lumpur Gold Supercar Owner Revealed

Millionaire Gold Plated Car Owner Revealed To Be Hussain Sajwani, Work From Home Binary Options Trader.Cars covered with Gold worth over $1 million revealed to be the property of Alex Choon, a Binary Options trader and an ex-gardening-store owner.

The streets of London have been raving for months full with speculations about the mysterious identity of the owner of a few gold-plated supercars estimated to be worth over $1,000,000. These cars have been spotted driving through the city of London, roaring their engines, and grabbing huge attention at almost every red light.

Initial speculations stated that the owner is probably a Saudi prince or the son of a Russian oligarch. We were able to track down the identity of the owner and found he was our very own Kuala Lumpur-born and raised, Alex Choon. Choon is part of the new wave of self-made millionaires of the Binary Options industry.

Alex’s fleet of gold-plated sports cars includes a Mercedes AMG GT estimated to be worth over $400,000, a $300,000 Bentley GT3, a $600,000 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe, and a $350,000 Lamborghini Aventador. The same Lamborghini was also photographed and spotted recently driving through Kuala Lumpur streets, carrying the same plate number of the Lamborghini spotted driving through London. The picture of Alex Choon was taken in Kuala Lumpur during that drive and was later matched with the same plate number of the car that is constantly roaming London’s streets.

Up until today, there was not a lot known about this wave of new millionaires. Most of them are making their millions while working from home, all sharing the secret to riches on private invite-only chat groups and forums. They kept themselves away from the spotlight and maintained a low-profile as much as possible, trying to keep their secret to getting rich from being discovered by too many people. Choon, however, is the more outgoing type, covering his cars with real gold and buying a new supercar almost every month. He attracts a lot of attention, and even behind his black windshields he was caught by our photographer in Kuala Lumpur while stopping for gas and was photographed with a young model sitting in the passenger’s seat next to him - apparently living the Malaysian dream.

Cars covered with Gold worth over $1 million revealed to be the property of  Alex Choon, a Binary Options trader and an ex-gardening-store owner.

Cars covered with gold worth over $1 million revealed to be the property of Alex Choon, a Binary Options trader and an ex-gardening-store owner.

There are numerous rumors lately about people making huge sums of money trading binary options. Choon is real proof, as he’s not just another “rich kid” buying expensive cars with his Daddy’s money, but a regular person who owned a gardening shop and made millions trading binary options all by himself.




Mercedes AMG parking in London streets, one of the several owned by this flashy binary options millionaire. Malaysian-born Choon imported his cars from Qatar and has yet to change his license plates to the UK versions, attracting even more attention.

Binary Options are certainly not a new thing; they have been around for ages. However, they were traded mostly within the banking sector, and just recently the simplicity of trading binary options became available to the public domain. Up until now, there were misleading beliefs that trading binary options required special training and skills. Only after an ex-banker exposed the source code of the software he had been using to trade binary options during his employment in one of Wall Street’s banks, was the first internet-based binary options website released. This allowed almost anyone to take advantage of this amazing financial tool to make profits trading binary options - and the rest is history.


Binary Options trader Alex Choon, parks his fleet of gold cars in front of London’s top hotel.

But what are “Binary Options”? How did normal everyday people like Alex Choon become so rich that they could afford to buy a fleet of cars estimated to be worth over $1,000,000? The idea is simple which makes them so accessible. You decide between only 2 possible outcomes, one is “Up” and the other is “Down”. You choose whether the price of a stock like Apple or Google will go up or down within the next 60 seconds. If you were right, and the stock does go up, you win, almost doubling your money immediately. If you were wrong, you lose, but you can always try again until you get it right.



Choon spotted shopping in Mayfair, London. The Malaysian-born Binary Options millionaire imported his cars from Qatar.

But how did guys like Alex Choon manage to “beat the system”, and take a small investment and leverage it in a way where they made millions in just months? We spoke to Joshua Sack of Sack Associates, a Panama-based firm managing the money for some of Malaysia’s richest people, advising them on how and where to invest their “hard earned” cash. Up until a year ago, Sack usually managed the funds of wealthy oil traders’ sons, famous sports stars, and even some anonymous lottery winners. The common factor that all his clients shared was that they encountered large sums of money, very fast.


Choon displays his matching gold watches on Instagram after “a successful week of trading”.

Sack is reporting an increase of more than 70% of clients who made their wealth trading binary options, and most of them come from Malaysia. “I guess the Malaysian people have a better approach to binary options than anyone else”, states Sack. “It’s something to do with courage. A Malaysian person is more relaxed making decisions quickly, and this is exactly what’s required to be successful. Plus, it’s easier to make money trading binary options than winning the lottery… When you trade binary options, you know the outcome of your decision straight away, and you don’t have to wait. So if you made millions, you’d know immediately, or you work more until you finally get there”, Sack explains. He further adds, “It’s amazing how young people without any university degree, people who didn’t have a chance in real life, are making large sums of money, calling me every other day asking me what to do with all the money they made”.

“The first wave of binary options millionaires traded on their own, which was a bit difficult and required some sort of learning curve. Now, brands like this are offering trading tools which do all the hard work for you. So all you have to do is register an account, and ask for trading tools to help guide you on what decisions to make based on market trends. It’s a win-win situation since brands like these make more money from their traders who are winning than on traders who are losing. That is what you call the right economic opportunity”, summarizes Sack.



The brokers representatives talk about the daily quota limitations on the financial show.

So, should we expect to see Kuala Lumpur filled with only rich supercar owners soon? It’s not that simple apparently. There is one big catch: Recent regulations allow only a limited number of people to join the binary options platforms as real traders on a daily basis. With these quotas being met, there is a long queue (sometimes months) until a person’s account is accepted and he’s actually able to start trading. There are additional platforms you can trade binary options with, but only this broker is offering the special tools that ensure beneficial trades. It’s no surprise since it’s one of the first and biggest brand names in the Binary Options industry.


Binary Options millionaire wave of 2016, estimated to eclipse beyond the wealth created on Wall Street’s greatest years.

We were able to find a “workaround” regarding the daily quota, although it still applies according to when to when this article was written. We registered for free on the brokers website and got a call from their verification team. They said we must be invited by another trader in order to make our first deposit and begin trading, and so we told them we were invited by Alex Choon. When his name was mentioned, they verified our account and allowed us to make our first deposit of $250 to start performing our first trades. Of course, this “workaround” will work only for a limited time until they figure it out or until they read this article. But you can try it for free and see if it works for yourself.

The initial $250 deposit is like an “online wallet”, and you can withdraw this amount whenever you want. You can also deposit any amount on top of that. The bigger your deposit, the more tools and assistance you will receive from the broker, and of course, you will also make more profit by doubling your investment with winning trades. Once you make your initial deposit, you can immediately begin trading. For example, if you think the price of Apple’s stock will go up, you place a trade clicking the “Up” arrow. Then you just wait for the outcome to arrive.

But here is a little tip – if you email their support team or call them after making your initial deposit, asking for automated trading tools, they will provide you with tools that can help you make these decisions quickly. This is exactly how guys like Alex Choon did this, they didn’t spend all their time in front of the computer trading, they just used automated tools to aid their decision making and help them perform quick trades when the market had good opportunities.


Countries plan on banning the trading of binary options for people trading from home because “too many people making these large amounts of money investing in binary options could crush banks and the economy”.

We also managed to interview Jason (fake name), a Binary Options trader from Johor Bahru, who started trading binary options just a few months ago. “I started without any idea of what I was doing; I just opened a free account and got accepted. I guess it was before they had set that annoying quota at the brokers. Now you have to wait a long time in line before you can trade with real money… I was expecting to make just a bit of cash so that I could take my wife on a small vacation, but I never expected to make such large sums of money so quickly…”, stated Jason. The money just kept piling up and in a matter of days, my account had almost $5,000 in it. I let it run up until I reached around $20,000, and that’s where I decided to cash out. I booked my wife and me, first class tickets to Tahiti that month. This was the start of a love story (with binary options, not only my wife… he adds laughing). I decided to quit my day job, since trading Binary Options seemed a lot easier to do and more rewarding. I could finally have the financial freedom I was hoping for, and now I am in the process of buying a bigger house”, explains Jason. He further expresses, “I am thankful that the broker accepted me as a trader, and I would certainly recommend it”.

We asked, “Do plan on buying a gold Lamborghini soon?” Jason replies, “No chance in hell. I’m not a flamboyant person; I like to keep to myself. All I ever wanted was a steady income and more time to do what I love in life. That’s the freedom I got by getting accepted to trade binary options.” Jason wouldn’t reveal how much money he has made, but his success is obvious.

Binary options trading is clearly a very good way to make money from the comfort of your home, however, there are a few difficulties. First, it’s hard to find a broker that will accept new traders and provide them with good software for trading. And governments are the second biggest obstacle, who will eventually restrict this profit-making method in order to avoid losses for banks and the crush of real-estate markets. If you think about it, they are right. If everyone invests their money in binary options, who will develop the economy and real-estate?


Choon showing off with his car in Qatar before he bought it and imported it to the UK. A Malaysian man living the dream.

It will, however, take some time until they are able to shut down the investments on binary options for the public. Until then, people will still use this “financial loophole” to make money, which will at some point be also channeled to develop the economy. So there is also good news with this.

If you sign up with this broker and manage to get accepted with their quotas, make sure you request a 100% sign up bonus. That means if you deposit $250, you will get to trade with $500, which will give you extra leverage at the start of your trading.

Before you sign up, a disclosure: Not all people end up with millions like Choon did. He did make millions trading binary options and he does live the Malaysian dream, however, some people could make less than that. For instance, you could make $3,000 your first month of trading binary options, more or less, but even this could help you reach your financial goals. We won’t promise that you will become a millionaire trading binary options, but we are preparing another big article on the subject and we would like to hear about how much money you were able to make after signing up with the broker. Please tell us how much money you were able to make in your first month of trading, and what you decided to buy with that money? Remember, Lamborghini looks better in black .

To sign up for a Binary trading account with 100% FREE bonus worth a minimum of $250, please sign up using this link.

Three gold cars from Saudi Arabia (back-front) a 6x6 Mercedes G 63, Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe and Lamborghini Aventador have received parking tickets on Cadogan Place in Knightsbridge, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday March 30, 2016. See PA story TRANSPORT Knightsbridge. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Binary Options trader, Alex Choon gets fined as well, but he can afford it

UPDATE: July 2016… After numerous requests from our readers, we decided to add a simple and descriptive way to sign up with the broker. Please note the daily quota is still in place and only a limited number of people will be accepted to trade with real money on any given day. Please do not email us asking if we can help you get accepted, as we have to follow the regulations dictated to us. If you are not accepted, please try again at a later stage.

How to open your Binary Options account

  1. Click the following link in order to register your FREE ACCOUNT
  2. Please make sure you fill out all details with the correct information.
  3. You then must deposit $250 (or RM 1000). These are your funds and you can withdraw them at any time. You must deposit this minimum required amount or else the broker will reject your application.
  4. Once you are registered and if you see the deposit screen, congratulations! This means you were approved for making your initial deposit according to the daily quota, and can begin trading.
    NOTE: The approval is based on the daily quota set by the broker. We cannot assist you with getting your account approved, so please do not email us asking to do so. If you do not see the deposit screen, please wait for a call from the broker who will need to verify your account in order to get accepted to start trading.
  5. Sit back, relax, and start growing your account. Congratulations, you are now a binary options trader!